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Ship products people love to use
Understand experiences ⬥ Track feature feedback

Discover needs and pains ⬥ Share insights


Unlock Customer Insights for everyone.

⬥ Create issues, tickets and feature requests based on feedback directly in github.

⬥ Get weekly digests of the most important feedback for everyone on the team

⬥ Share key metrics, customer satisfaction and emerging topics via your internal communication


Analyze Customer feedback along the entire journey

⬥ 360 view of all coversations accross multiple channels.

⬥ Capture feedback from Prospect E-Mails, Support Chat and Feature Requests.


See how customers respond to new Features

⬥ Filter with AI-based tracking of tags you define [try the demo]

⬥ Categorize feedback by intent and sentiment [try the demo]

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Identify customer needs

⬥ Extract highly positive and negative statements with AI-powered sentiment analysis

⬥ Explore network graphs of emerging topics

⬥ Discover new needs in weekly snapshots


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